Questions About SimplySteno Live

What is SimplySteno Live?

SimplySteno Live is a website that allows students from the SimplySteno speeduilding program to participate in our live dictation classes.  Our certified instructors dictate literary, jury charge, congressional and even 2-voice material for students to read back. The schedules and speeds change each week, so hopefully you can find some classes that fit your schedule!  We offer these classes as a courtesy through the SimplySteno court reporting program.

Are the SimplySteno Live classes free?

SimplySteno Live classes are free to all students taking part in the SimplySteno program.

How do I sign up for a class?

Click on the date of the class you would like to attend (days with classes are in blue on the calendar on the Home page). ¬†If there’s more than one class that day, select the class you would like. ¬†If you’re already a SimplySteno Live member, just sign in. ¬†If you’re not a member, enter your details. ¬†Your confirmation will be sent to you. ¬†Activate your account and you’re all signed up!

What do I need to attend?

These are interactive classes. ¬†So you will need a working webcam and microphone…and steno machine. ¬†If you need to test yours to make sure it’s working, don’t hesitate to contact us.

Do I have to be a SimplySteno student?

Starting on January 1, 2017, you must be a SimplySteno students to access our SimplySteno Live classes.

Do I have to do readback?

The simple answer…yes. ¬†These classes are meant to improve your readback skills and share in the group experience. ¬†If students are allowed to hang back and not participate, others may feel like they’re in the spotlight even more! ¬†We can’t have that, so expect to do some readback. ¬†And remember, you’re a student! ¬†Your readback isn’t supposed to be flawless. ¬†The SimplySteno Live environment is a great place to practice – friendly and helpful.

Are classes recorded? Can I view them later?

Many of the SimplySteno Live classes will be recorded and used later for teaching purposes, most likely only in the SimplySteno court reporting program.  When signing up, you will be made aware that the classes may be recorded and that we may use them in the future.  So if you attend these live classes, you are agreeing to let us use your video image in the context of these classes.

How big are the classes?

As many as 20 students can attend each SimplySteno Live class. ¬†The first 10 to log in for a class will have both an audio and video feed. ¬†The next 10 will have audio only. ¬† They’ll still be able to view everyone and hear everything, but we won’t be able to see them.

Are these interactive classes?

Totally! ¬†You will have a video and audio feed – you’re be interacting with the teacher and other students. ¬†You won’t just be observing the class, you’ll be a part of it!